The Virtualization of Workspaces, Sustainability and New Year’s Resolutions

Valentina Vergara

4 de January, 2024

By Emerson Bezerra

Historically, we are capable of producing e-waste at the same rate as we fail to keep our New Year’s resolutions and promises.

We restart the rotation around the sun with a “new” cycle full of opportunities and for many the moment to write down their goals, or resolutions, and store them in an infinite number of forms of storage, virtualized or not.

We can carry in our pockets an ever-increasing capacity for processing, storage and infinite information and notifications and we work, or produce, on the same devices with almost the same ease as with our “Workstations”; which can be virtualized remotely and also sustainable.

Surviving computers that Murphy’s Law (no longer in production) had already ruled out and virtualizing applications, which previously required a huge investment in hardware, became part of the New Year’s resolutions, for all those who continue to always do more with less.

That in our New Year’s resolutions we can produce more with less electronic waste, that we can virtualize what was once a status symbol and that when we reach the end of the “shift” and “know that at least someone breathed easier because you lived” .

About Blue Ocean Technologies

With offices in Peru and Ecuador, Blue Ocean Technologies has specialists in Virtualization of workspaces in public and private clouds or implementing hybrid environments.

Blue Ocean provides innovative solutions in the way of working adding value in each of its clients, understanding what is the problem of their business in the field of the transformation of Workspaces, accompanying them in the process that this change implies. In each project it guarantees security, availability, stability and efficiency in the use of Information and Communications Technologies.

Blue Ocean has clients in the corporate sector mainly in the Banking and Finance, Retail, Mining, Education, Industry and Services industries, among others.

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